Baby/Toddler Room – 6months -24months

SBS Angel Kradle room is designed to be explored and enjoyed. It is warm and inviting with carefully chosen toys which are fun to play with, yet teach various concepts.

Angel kradle is divided into two, we have 6 months to 13 months and 13 months up to 2 years. In the 13 months to 2 years class, we prepare the toddlers for the smooth transition into the next class (Minnie Room). Our early childhood teachers are assisted by well trained nannies who look after the primary needs of our children. The adult to child ratio of 1:4 which means every child gets the careful attention they need.

The room is purposely positioned away from the rest of the classrooms as we are aware of the delicate constitution of babies. There is an adjoining bathroom so that the toilet training of our children is not hindered. Sanitary conditions of the room and the materials is attended to and monitored by our staff to minimize the spread of germs.