As our pupils enter into Grade 5, we find that parents begin the arduous task of determining which secondary schools to consider for the continuing education of their children. Seemingly, each year, greater and greater effort is required to get into the best schools in this country and abroad. The competition pupils are subjected to and the level of difficulty of examinations set to determine which children are accepted cause anxiety which we allay by preparing our pupils carefully for these external examinations in our extra -mural classes. This is an in-depth program which focuses on all subjects with emphasis on core subjects such as Mathematics, Literacy and Science.

The students also work on examination papers for various secondary schools. These classes allow our pupils to undergo the external examinations with confidence and consequent success at the end of Year 6. As a result, our pupils gain admission into the schools of their choice such as Loyola Jesuit, Grange, Day Waterman College, British International School and schools abroad.

The classes run after school from Monday to Thursday and during the summer holidays. It is open to children from other schools.