The French program at Standard Bearers School begins in preschool and builds a strong foundation of the French language through 6th grade.

Some of the program goals include:

  • To enable students to develop an understanding and an appreciation of the French language.
  • To develop communication skills.
  • To foster a positive attitude towards language learning by helping students to understand the process.
  • To teach vocabulary and develop communication skills that will enable students to function in French in contextual authentic and real-life situations.

The emphasis is on listening and comprehension in preschool and, listening, comprehension and speaking in the 1st-3rd grades. In the 4th-6th grades learning activities balance listening, speaking, reading, and writing. At each level, the program builds a foundation for learning foreign language as children learn strategies to approach a new language, a new culture, and ethnic diversity. French instruction weaves together the linguistic and cultural aspect of French. French language is brought to life through various activities.