Beethoven, Mozart and Handel

Ludwig Van Beethoven, a German, and Mozart, an Austrian and George Frideric Handel a German-born, British Baroque composer, composed operas, concertos, symphonies, and sonatas that profoundly shaped classical music.

At the beginning of the academic session, all the children are expected to have celebrated their 5th birthday. The children at this level should be able to read simple CVC words and sentences which would be built upon during their time in Grade One.

During the course of the session, the children are introduced to the following core subjects:

  • Literacy: Sentence construction, punctuation, grammar awareness, poetry, story recount etc.
  • Numeracy: Sequencing and ordering of numbers, number words, addition and subtraction of numbers etc.
  • Science: Stages of growth, light and shadow, force, materials etc.
  • I.C.T: Introduction to Computer, Parts of a Computer, Uses of a Computer, How machines are controlled, Printer and Printer types and Paint.
  • The teaching style for this level is 95% visual and so the children are aided to achieve their targeted goal through the use of educational materials which help them think creatively. Dialogue is my philosophy for Key stage one because it helps develop the pupil’s thinking and listening skills and the confidence to speak to others.


Mrs. Mojisola. - Grade 1 Beethoven
Ms. Amaka. - Grade 1 Mozart
Mrs. Tracy - Grade 1 Handel