“The task of modern educators is not to cut down jungles but to irrigate deserts”

CS Lewis

Our Grade School classes are named after various people of worth both in Africa and abroad, from past centuries and modern times. The richness of our heritage and the magnificence of the contribution made to our world today can be attributed to such personalities as those we have chosen to pioneer our classrooms as our heroes, ordinary people who through hard work, perseverance, bravery and dedication, have opened our eyes and our minds to the wonders of God’s creation and his divine nature in the areas of Science, Philosophy, Music, Literature, Art and also Public Service.We are certain that our children will mature into responsible “World Changers” who will positively impact their own generation. Here at SBS, we look into the past, to educate and to show our children great and infinite possibilities, providing them with a solid foundation upon which to build their brave new world!