Standard Bearers School is a private, non-denominational Christian primary school.hist It was established in 1997 at a time when the educational system in Nigeria was going through a difficult phase. Today’s baby boomers are a product of primary and secondary education that was staffed and run by well trained teachers and educators. They were often run by Christian Missions, Universities or a State/Federal government that had given priority to the education of its citizens. Twenty years later, a collapsing infrastructure and a move by government to remove schools from private and mission hands had all but destroyed what was once the envy of Africa.

Standard bearers was borne out of the frustrations that its founder, who was herself a teacher in a high-brow primary school, had when it was time for her children to start school. Her children struggled with schools that were too big and a syllabus that was too advanced for their years. While primary school for her was a happy time of fun activities and pleasant teachers, her children never seemed to have a similar experience. After much agonizing, she resigned her job and started her own school.

SBS opened its doors on January 7th . With hard work, perseverance and prayer, along with a small group of committed teachers, Mrs Adeyinka-Oni has re-created the primary school of her childhood. Her vision to lay a foundation of academic excellence in a loving and warm environment where every child feels safe and loved continues to lie at the center of the SBS experience. Naturally, happy children respond better to all forms of learning!