Information Communication Technology is an ever changing subject. It is one of the core subjects at Standard Bearers School. The teaching methods and its applications are constantly evolving, keeping track of developments in the field and striving to keep up with the pace, thus ensuring our pupils are accustomed to evolving trends.

The ICT department aims to provide all pupils with a wide range of software skills and basic theoretical knowledge of ICT. We ensure that ; Our pupils learn how to use the computer system well and recognize the endless capabilities of its functions. We engage the pupils in class activities using interactive educational and entertainment software which makes learning more fun. We also make sure they understand the inner workings and hardware parts of the computer, not just what they see on the screen. Pupils can interact with peers and teachers outside the classroom in a real-time online environment.

In Key Stage 1, pupils will recognize the Computer as an electronic machine, its parts and uses.
In Key Stage 2, pupils will refine and enhance their ICT skills in major Software Applications based on their level. Their curriculum includes the knowledge and applications of Software, Using Keyboard Shortcuts for commands, Using 3D Graphic software, Sound Projects, Storage devices and Media.

All class lessons are well differentiated to accommodate all our pupils learning needs. A variety of age appropriate teaching methods and learning strategies is used taking into account the abilities and aptitude of the pupils.
Methods used include: Practical Work, Case Studies, Peer Assessment, Self-Assessment, Problem Solving and Non routine Questions.


Mr Joseph. - ICT Teacher
Mr Yomi. - ICT Teacher