Preschool children participate in weekly physical education classes to strengthen their balance, hand-eye coordination, tactile awareness, directionality and agility. Cooperative games strengthen the classroom community and encourage the spirit of good sportsmanship.

In the elementary program, the overall objective is to provide students with the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to make active living a way of life. Cooperation, fair play, sportsmanship, communication and respect are emphasized at all times. Some skills that are covered include: cooperative games, throwing, passing (with hands and feet), catching, volleying/striking, spatial/body awareness, principles of offense and defense, general fitness activities/games.

Students also learn about health and nutrition. Concepts covered include: importance of nutrition, food groups, how to analyze diet, reading food labels, the importance of exercise, finding resting and active heart rate, prevention of sport and exercise injuries, and the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

In addition to regularly scheduled P.E. classes, students can participate in various after-school team sports including, football, golf and gymnastics.