SBS Infant School

Angel’s Kradle: - 7:30am-4pm
Playgroup: - 8am-2pm
Nursery 1: - 8am-2pm
Nursery 2: - 8:30am-2pm

Grade School

Grade School: - 8am-2pm

Parents should take note of the above resumption times and endeavor to bring their children to school on time. Assembly is an important part of the school day, aside from the regular morning devotion. It is a time when the children are encouraged and motivated through stories and entertainment. The children benefit from these meetings.

In the event that your child has to be late or absent from school, kindly notify the school office in advance.

Dress Code

Nursery School:

Children should be dressed in comfortable play clothes with sneaker and sandals. Extra sets of clothing should be packed in a separate bag. The bag should be dropped with the class teacher on Monday morning and collected on Friday afternoon. (Soiled clothes will be sent home for you to replace).

Children who are not fully toilet trained should have an adequate supply of disposable diapers in their bags. (Cloth diapers are not acceptable).
On (P.E) days the children are to come to school in the official Standard Bearers School sports wear.

Grade School:

The S.B.S uniform is Navy Blue and Light Blue.

Light Blue Oxford shirt worn over Navy Blue shorts, school Tie and Badge

Light Blue Oxford Shirt under Navy Blue Pinafores, school Tie and Badge (Grade 1-5) Navy Blue skirt for Grade 6 only

Dress Code For Girls

  • Any style that does not conform with the schools approved style will not be accepted. Children kitted as such will be sent back home. (Please verify the style if you wish to purchase away from the school selected shop).
  • Worn out ties will not be accepted
  • Tennis shoes will not be allowed

Shoes & Socks

Only Navy Blue or Black shoes/sandals worn with Navy Blue or White socks are allowed.

School Ties & Badges: Available in the School Business office. The School Uniforms may be purchased from any of the following:

Please note the following:

In the event that your child is withdrawing temporarily from the school, half (½) term fees is required for the space to be kept. Failure to do so means you forfeit your space. On permanent withdrawal the school requires six weeks’ notice in advance otherwise you will be billed for the next term. Hospital Policy

Hospital Policy

  • Any child who is ill should be kept at home and the school informed. In the event your child falls ill in school and requires more professional attention, the child will be taken to the nearest hospital or as advised by the parent.

Class Visits

  • Under no circumstance are parents allowed into the classroom once classes have started. Parents, who need to speak with class teachers, should make an appointment in advance with the School Administrator.

Late Pick Up

  • Any child left in school after 4:30pm will be charged a late fee of N2000.00 and an additional N1000.00 for every extra hour, failure to pay means your child will not be allowed into the school.