Standard Bearers School has an inclusion policy for children with special needs. This means that we will accept a special needs child whose sibling is registered at SBS.

Children with learning disabilities such as Autism, Dyslexia and Down’s Syndrome are main-streamed into the school. An Independent Education Plan is created for each special needs pupil. This plan allows the child to be integrated into the academic and social curriculum of the school with their special circumstances taken into account such that they learn and work at their own pace. At SBS, we work hand in hand with parents who provide their special needs child with support therapists thereby enabling them to cope better in their classrooms.

We encourage our special needs pupils to participate in all school activities to enhance both academic and social development as we believe “No Child is left behind as Every Child Matters” Standard Bearers School limits the number of children enrolled in its Special Needs Programme and acceptance is subject to a comprehensive medical report with attending professional recommendations from certified doctors.


Mrs Oditah - (Head SENCO)
Mr Thomas - (Therapist)