Our Policies for every child at Standard Bearers School

School Policy

SBS is a family school that offers holistic education to parents seeking a technology driven, 21st century education for their children. We are lifelong learners who belong to a community where all individuals are valued and supported on their journey to self-discovery.

At SBS, we are committed to giving our students a solid foundation and an excellent start to life. Hence, we encourage and guide them to become independent, confident and responsible members of the community.



To provide a wholesome learning environment that caters to the whole child and meets international standards

To develop a positive education climate in which every child can work to the best of his or her abilities whilst learning to put God at the center of their lives.

To foster the qualities of integrity, honesty, truth, compassion and tolerance using 'the seven habits of happy kids'.

To develop an inclusive school culture where every child can thrive and is genuinely accepted.

To use the building blocks of Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Innovation & Technology to develop skills required for living in the 21st century

Resumption Times

Please note the resumption time for the different grades:

SBS Infant School

Grade School

Parents should take note of the above resumption times and endeavor to bring their children to school on time.By bringing your ward early to school, you are setting a strong standard for promptness. You are also teaching them to respect their time and that of others. This will go a long way in influencing their dealings with people.

Behavioral Expectation

As a school dedicated to raising complete and responsible citizens, we not only emphasize academic excellence but we also set the highest form of behavioral standards for our students. We have laid down a number of rules for our students to follow and we enjoin parents to assist us in achieving our behavioral goals.


We believe respect for self births, respect for others and authorities. Students are expected to remain respectful and obedient to teachers and their peers. All students are enjoined to report disagreements and potential altercations to their class teachers.

While we do not condone misbehavior, we also extol and award students who havebeen of excellent behavior. We believe this will encourage others to toe the same line.


Corporal punishment and smacking are unacceptable practices at SBS.

However, teachers are expected to discipline students where appropriate. Our teachers provide a level of leadership and guidance which permit as much freedom by pupils as they demonstrate they can use wisely.


SBS places a lot of emphasis on personal hygiene thus we have incorporated hygiene as part of our academic curriculum.

Students are encouraged and supervised to wash their hands after using the toilet, blowing their noses, before and after eating, after disposing garbage and so on.

The school utilizes professional cleaners for daily cleaning of the premises. Likewise, strict hygiene procedures have been put in place for kitchen staff as well as other staff members.