Dress Code Policy

Students at SBS are taught to understand the importance of proper dressing and how it affects society’s perception of them. We encourage parents to assist us by ensuring that their children are clad neatly in the appropriate attire.

Infant School

Comfortable play clothes with sneaker and sandals.

Extra sets of clothing should be packed in a separate bag. The bag should be dropped with the class teacher on Monday morning and collected on Friday afternoon. (Soiled clothes will be sent home for you to replace).

Children who are not fully toilet trained should have an adequate supply of Disposable diapers in their bags. (Cloth diapers are not acceptable).

On P.E days the children are to come to school in the official Standard Bearers School sports wear.

standard bearers school

Grade School (1 – 6):


Cream Khaki Shorts worn over light blue or yellow polo shirt

Seniors in grade 6 wear Khaki Trousers


Cream Khaki Skirts worn over a Peter Pan cape top Colored in light blue or yellow

Seniors in grade 6 wear Khaki belted skirts with light blue/yellow T-Shirt


P.E: Blue Sports Shorts and white polo shirt.


Only Black shoes worn with Navy Blue or White socks are allowed.

The School Uniforms may be purchased from the School’s supplier. You can contact

Mrs. Adeosun for more information at +2348033961117.

School Shoes

Boys’ hair should be trim and neat while our girls should have moderate length

hairstyles (Preferably shoulder length). Beads and hair accessories are not encouraged as they may pose a safety hazard